Cookies for Caroling
Cookies for Caroling

My original intent for today did not include preparing seven different confections, but it ended that way. I signed up to bring a cookie tray to church tonight for an evening of luminaries, caroling, cookies and hot apple cider. The weather was perfect, cold but not unbearable, a nice change from our eighty degree week.

For me, when it comes to baking, I can’t just bake a simple batch of cookies. Today was no different for me. Starting with rolled sugar cookies, on to gingerbread cookies, snickerdoodles, chocolate chip cookies, raspberry almond shortbread cookies…and two quick breads… pumpkin and sour cream pound cake. I still have to bake the shortbread cookies…I ran out of time…(In the midst of all the baking, I managed to make a teriyaki chicken stir fry for lunch, and english muffin pizza for dinner.)

The kids got involved with the first two cookies… after the cookie cutters and sprinkles got put away, they lost interest. The other cookies were too boring for them. All in all it was a good day… long day. Here are a few pics of the day. When I finish the almond shortbreads, I will post the recipe and pics. Oh yeah, the chocolate covered cookies in the middle are PB Ritz sandwiches, post to come soon…


Cookie Tray