No Fuss Fried Shrimp

The Thanksgiving turkey is always succulent and appetizing. The day after at a second family dinner it begins to lose its savour. The two days of leftovers that follow begin to be monotonous. Three weeks of reprieve and you do turkey all over again. The bird is still scrumptious, but lackluster. Two turkey sandwiches later you can’t take it anymore. It is probably good there are no other holidays whose food focus is turkey. It gives you almost a year to begin to want turkey again.

So to ease our weary turkey-ed-out selves I chose not only a different meat, but another method of preparation. Tonight we had a classic southern seafood dinner. Lacking in color perhaps, but that is about it. I was perusing the fresh seafood at our local Publix trying to decide what we would have for dinner. It was the lady at the seafood counter that inspired our meal tonight. She mentioned she was headed home to fry some shrimp with Aunt Jemima…not her Aunt… the pancake one! The shrimp sounded wonderful and the ease of preparing the batter signed the deal for me.

Ok, this is not my idea of a healthy meal, that is with the frying, but I do allow some leeway in our nutritional repertoire. This meal resembled that of a nice seafood restaurant but without the traffic and crowds, and for under $20.


Eat Me!

The Seafood Counter Lady’s Fried Shrimp


  • 2 pounds x-large shrimp, peeled & deveined
  • 1 box Aunt Jemima pancake mix (the add water only one)
  • Seasoning to taste
  • Hot oil


Pour dry pancake mix in a medium bowl and add desired seasonings. I added seasoned salt and pepper. Add water until a thick batter forms. Dredge the shrimp through the batter and fry until golden. I used grandaddy fryer and kept the temperature at 350.

So easy and succulent, and I didn’t have to leave a tip either.


To the shrimp I added french fried potatoes for the kids and sweet potatoes for the adults. For the vegetable I steamed extra sweet corn on the cob. Dinner was a hit and there was no turkey involved.


Southern Fried Goodness