Alton Brown's French Toast

Alton Brown's French Toast

It is COLD here in Florida. I think our low last night was in the 20’s, making it very hard to get out of a nice warm bed. Reluctantly I did, and headed to the kitchen to make breakfast. Saturday is the day I like to prepare a nice breakfast, as opposed to the less time consuming toast and jelly that school mornings entail. I wanted to do some type of french toast. I recently saw a recipe for french toast waffles on Baking Bites, but all I have is a Belgium maker, and a regular waffle maker is recommended. So I set out to find another recipe that was different than your everyday recipe.

Enter, Alton Brown. I have always been pleased with my version of french toast, but I do have to say that I never cared for the soggy center. So I was excited about trying this method. Basically, you prepare your classic french toast, but once it is cooked, you place it in a 375 degree oven for 5 minutes, which helps firm the toast up. I followed his recipe to a tee and enjoyed the results. I will certainly use this method from now on. I will spare myself the extra typing – here is the link to AB’s recipe.