Pizza Sandwich

Pizza Sandwich

A little butter and a hot skillet will make this ingredient combination a quick , warm, comfort and come back for more sandwich. When I resort to this sandwich, it means that grocery day is very soon… enough that I am scraping the barrel to make dinner. My pantry is sadly void. Basically, this a souped up grilled cheese sandwich, but it very kid compatible.

It is a great hot sandwich that can easily be adapted to ones taste and/or available ingredients. I even make a version for my lactose intolerant dad…

Grilled Pizza Sandwiches


  • Sliced bread – I use fresh baked Italian
  • Pizza Sauce
  • Sliced Pepperoni
  • Mozzarella Cheese (I use lactose free for my dad’s)
  • Butter, or butter spray
  • Non stick cooking spray


Heat skillet and butter one side of each bread slice. Place bread, butter side down and top with some pizza sauce. Layer with some cheese, then pepperoni and more cheese. Top with a little more pizza sauce then other slice of bread – buttered side out. Carefully flip sandwich to grill both sides and cook until cheese is melted – hint: use thinly shredded cheese to speed melting time.

Slice and serve with additional pizza sauce (if desired).

Like I said – you can easily adjust the ingredients and “toppings” to your taste. Additional seasoning are optional – my family never asks.