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I spent the last week or so searching for April Fool’s pranks. Now, I cannot stand pranks that cause damage to people’s property, or worse, injury. I just wanted something fun to create a fun memory. I found a few things at the Family Fun website, one of which I thought would be perfect. The other, I have no idea where I saw it. I did so much searching, I lost track of things. The whole meal turned out great. Both for taste and for effect. Judging by the pictures… you get the gist.

The main course, as pictured above, was actually dessert. This was so fun to create. It is simply vanilla yogurt with a peach half inserted, and pound cake that I toasted in a warm skillet. I completely had them fooled on this one!

Ok, cute huh. But now for the real main course (a.k.a. dessert):


Cupcakes for Dinner!

Darn, these aren’t cupcakes, they’re meatloaf singles frosted with colored mashed potatoes!!!



Ok, simple enough. Just prepare your favorite meatloaf recipe, and instead of making a whole loaf, roll it into a ball, insert it into a cupcake wraper, and cook it. To frost it, prepare your mashed potatoes, color them if you choose, and pipe them onto the “meatloaf cupcake”. Serve warm and enjoy!

My kids really thought these were cupcakes. Even when I told them what they were… it took them cutting into them to believe me. Thankfully, my kids love meatloaf…otherwise, I would have been searching for other recipes. Oh, and on the Family Fun website, they also have a meatloaf recipe that “bakes” this into a pie crust.

I hope you all had a miserable day…(April Fool’s of course – lame I know). Thanks for stopping by!