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In just a few hours my youngest will turn 8. I cannot believe how the years have flown by. In the course of these 8 years, her “idols” have changed. First it was (ugh) Barney, then Pooh, Butterflies, Dora… and currently Panda Bears, Hannah Montana and Guitars. Her idea of the perfect birthday party would be set in China with Miley Cyrus playing a black and white guitar. We gave her a guitar for Christmas and she actually cried. We also adopted a Panda Bear in her name through WWF. She is a loving, caring and sincere, hard headed red head who knows no enemies.

Naturally, her party has to revolve around music playing Panda’s. I started tonight working on her cake for her class at school. Tomorrow I will work on the cake for her party at home (which will be on the weekend).

I can’t wait to get pictures of this first cake posted. It is a sugar cookie “pizza” cake with chocolate “sprinkles” decorated like one of those giant cookie cakes you get from the fancy mall cookie stores. These type of cakes are a tradition for me to make for school parties. I deck them out in a real pizza box and slice them with a fancy pizza cutter right there in the classroom. I will get the pics up in the morning.


Happy Birthday Kenzie Bear!!!

Update: When I began piping the frosting on for the Panda, there was a thin layer of the top that kept coming off when I pulled the tip away. So I ended up putting a thin layer of frosting down and leaving it overnight to harden. I finished it this morning at 4 am, so it wasn’t exactly up to my expectations!