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Today we celebrated Kenzie’s birthday with the family. I used my new baking pan by Wilton to begin her Panda Cake. Lesson #1 – If you spray the pan with baking spray, don’t add flour too. I ended up with a faceless panda. I could have patched it, but didn’t feel like it, so I crumpled up my first cake, and used it for dessert. Vanilla cake goes very well as a strawberry shortcake. I still had to bake another cake however.

My pantry and fridge had dwindled down. I had no eggs, no bread, no flour etc… so I settled for a Duncan Hines Devil’s Food Cake mix. Kenzie is not a big fan of chocolate, but she didn’t have a choice here. This time I just used the cooking spray and the cake came out of the pan perfectly. I let it rest overnight and began frosting it this morning.

Perfection in cake decorating is afar off for me, but it works, and the kids thought it turned out well. We went easy and had Papa Johns Pizza. I threw in a Caesar Salad, then we had cake and ice cream. I can take a birthday rest now until July.




She insisted on only having three candles…