Well, time hasn’t been on my side when it comes to kitchen time. Though I did prepare a nice steak salad for dinner, family hunger took precedence over photographs. So anyway… back to this post… What’s a Bogel you ask? Well, it’s not a misfit from the latest Harry Potter movie…

Yesterday I stopped into Panera to pick up some soup. Yes, I do live in Florida, and it was in the 90’s, but that is one of the few things I will eat out. Then I noticed these cool “new-fangled” items… I guess they would be like the “munchkins” of bagels. These were just too cool and I had to buy a sampler. This Bogel, is a mini version of the famous Panera Cinnamon Crunch Bagel, and perfect for those of us that like enjoy their bagels, but just a bite will do. Well, maybe that’s not what most people do with their bagels, but it sounded good.

So this post is in dedication to the new cute little Bogels available for $1.99 at your local Panera. Enjoy!