Have you ever baked cupcakes in ice cream cones? I have, and though it is a really good idea, I have never been pleased with the results. The cones seem to get “soggy” and soft. Granted, if served the same day, they seem to be fine, but who has the time to get up in the morning and bake these before prepping 3 kids and heading off to school.

So some internet surfing brought me to an idea from BettyCrocker.com. That is to bake the cupcakes, then once cool, place them in/on the ice cream cones.  Hence, you are never baking, or shall we say, re-baking the cones, so they retain their original “crunch”.

In this recipe, I pre-filled the cones with M&M’s before placing the cupcake on top. I took my cupcakes and frosted a layer on the top emphasizing a thick layer around the edges for a “glue”. Then I placed the cupcake upside down on the cone. For an even more ice cream like look, I placed a mini cupcake on top of the larger cupcake, as you can see by the height of the cone.

For the frosting, I wanted to create an ice cream like shell layer – and have it appear to be melting around the bottom, versus just a good ‘ole frosting layer. To do this, I heated the frosting for about 5 seconds in the microwave and spooned it on. It was a little messy, but I got the look I wanted.

They turned out great. Everyone kept asking if it was ice cream… so I guess I accomplished the look I wanted. For pictures… I only spared two cones before child consumption… I would call these a success. And I survived seven 10 – 11 year olds… so it was a “win-win” situation!


To do this, you will need:

  • 12 Standard Cupcakes (baked with out wrappers, or wrappers removed)
  • 12 Mini Cupcakes (no wrappers)
  • 12 Cake Ice Cream Cones
  • M&M’s, or another filler
  • Frosting – enough to frost 24 cupcakes, or a regular sized cake
  • Sprinkles, or another decorative topping

How to:

  1. Fill the cones with desired “surprise”, I used M&M’s.
  2. Slice off any peaks on the standard cupcakes and apply a layer of frosting on top, focusing on the edges of the cupcake. Place the cupcake upside down on top of the cone. You are using the frosting as a glue, so make sure it comes in contact with the rim of the cone.
  3. Slice off the peaks of the mini cupcakes and place a “dollop” of frosting in the center. Place the mini cupcake upside down on top of the cone-cake. Place the cup-cones in your freezer for about 10 minutes to set the frosting “glue”.
  4. Warm your frosting for just a few seconds in the microwave. You want a soft consistency, not “milk”. I suggest only using small amounts at a time. You won’t be able to keep up with the entire batch of frosting before it cools and begins to set again.
  5. Use a spoon and “pour” the frosting over the cupcake. If you tilt it at an angle and turn it as you apply the frosting, it will help ensure coverage. Sprinkle with toppings. Allow the frosting to set for about 30 minutes. Store covered or serve!