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This recipe originates from PickyPalate.com. The minute I saw the recipe I knew it was a must try. I am always looking for that “perfect” cookie. For me, texture is second only to taste, followed closely by how well they hold up in the next couple of days (if they last that long).

I baked part of the batch on Saturday and I am happy to say that 48 hours later, the cookies are as fresh as the day I baked them. Additionally, I baked some more tonight and after being refrigerated they baked up perfectly.

These chocolate chip cookies are certainly gaining a top ten ranking on my long list of cookies. Try it, you won’t be disappointed.

Just as a note, for the chocolate chips I use a combination of Ghirardelli semi-sweet chips and their 60% baking disks (which I love…)

For the recipe, please click on the link over to Picky Palate’s site. Make sure to make time to check out her other recipes and links. It’s a great blog.